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1-on-1 with Sen. Marco Rubio

Sen. Marco Rubio speaks to reporter Julie Gargotta after winning the Republican primary for his Senate seat.

Patrick Murphy wins the Democratic Senate nomination

Patrick Murphy addresses supporters after winning his Democratic Senate race.

Patrick Murphy wins the Democratic Senate nomination

Patrick Murphy's acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate.

Alan Grayson speaks on his Senate loss

Rep. Alan Grayson talks about losing the U.S. Senate primary to Rep. Patrick Murphy.

Foam falls in new fire safety system (natural sound)

Watch the foam fall in this new safety system at Orlando Melbourne International Airport

Kenneth Feinberg on the hospitals' decision

Kenneth Feinberg, the OneOrlando Fund administrator, talks about the hospitals' decision

WATCH: Boo the dog gets around

Boo goes by the nickname 'Hot Wheels.'

Risks Caused By Lack Of Flossing

According to Dr. Paul Duga, dental floss not just saves money, but it prevents gum disease.

WATCH: Witch in Skull Island: Reign of Kong queue

A witch greets guests in line for Skull Island: Reign of Kong.

WATCH: Skull Island: Reign of Kong ride

Watch a portion of the new Skull Island: Reign of Kong ride at Universal Orlando.

WATCH: Cranes Roost Park packed for Red Hot & Boom

Crowds packed Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte Springs for Red Hot & Boom 2016.

WATCH: Orlando's 'first dog' Sammie

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer shows off the city's 'first dog,' Sammie.

WATCH: Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer on OneOrlando Fund

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer explains more about the OneOrlando Fund.

WATCH: Orlando's Greenwood Cemetery

Don Price, Orlando's sexton, gives historical tours of Greenwood Cemetery.

WATCH: Jacobs: 'Enough is enough is enough'

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs speaks at the Lake Eola vigil in downtown Orlando.

WATCH: 50,000 chant 'Peace. Love. Pulse.'

Tens of thousands at the Lake Eola vigil chant, 'Peace. Love. Pulse.'

WATCH: First responders, ORMC thanked at prayer service

First responders and ORMC staff are thanked for their heroism.

WATCH: Why we're honoring victims: Casey Lu

Orlando resident Casey Lu on why she's honoring Pulse victims Sunday

WATCH: Why we're honoring victims: Dave and Wendy Almstead

Dave and Wendy Almstead show love at The Cathedral Church of St. Luke.

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