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How much do you know about Black Friday? Take our quiz

How long would you wait for a store to open for a great Black Friday deal?

Will you go to Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving night?

How long would you wait for a store to open for a great Black Friday deal?

Do you think President Obama should bypass Congress and use executive authority in dealing with immigration?

Not sure(9%)

Who should be responsible to pay for repairs when a large sinkhole opens on private property?

Property insurance(53%)
State or local government(25%)
Federal government(11%)

Which upcoming holiday movie are you most excited to see?

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1(41%)
Horrible Bosses 2(20%)
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies(26%)
Into the Woods(13%)

Since the private sector generally doesn't consider Veterans Day a paid holiday, should federal and state employees have it off at taxpayer expense?

Yes, and the private sector should be required to make it a paid holiday.(34%)

Do you agree with the Tampa City Council's move to allow alcohol along the downtown Riverwalk?

What do you think was the most surprising statewide election result?

Have you harvested a snook this season?


What best describes your voting plan during this election season?

Will vote at the polls on Election Day(31%)
Already voted early(24%)
Voted via mail-in-ballot(27%)
Not voting at all(18%)

Was Gov. Rick Scott right to order 21-day monitoring for anyone returning to Florida from Ebola-affected areas?

Whose departure will have a greater imapct on the Tampa Bay Rays going forward?

Whose departure do you think will have more impact on the Tampa Bay Rays?

Who do you think won the final debate between Gov. Rick Scott and challenger Charlie Crist?

Who would you say is the winner of tonight's debate?

Do you agree with the five-year prison sentence in the Oscar Pistorius case?

Which issues do hope to hear the gubernatorial candidates discuss in the debate tonight?

Was the Supreme Court right to allow Texas to enforce its controversial voter ID law in the November election?

Who will you vote for in the Florida Attorney General race

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