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Storms return to the forecast for Labor Day weekend. Watch Weather on the Nines for info.

What are your plans for the Labor Day weekend?

Which race was most important to you this primary election?

The governor’s race(39%)
Other statewide races(4%)
My county’s races(24%)
I didn’t vote(33%)

How did you vote in this primary election?

Has negative campaigning discouraged you from voting in one of the gubernatorial primaries?

Do you agree that Florida's gay marriage ban is unconstitutional?

Should the U.S. send more troops to Iraq?

What's your least favorite thing about the first day of school?

Do you believe authorities are doing the right thing by releasing the name of the officer who fatally shot the unarmed teen in Missouri?

What is your favorite Robin Williams movie?

Do you feel President Obama's authorization of airstrikes in Iraq is the right move?

Do you plan to check out the Star Wars attractions at Disney World once they open?

Not sure/don't care(17%)

What do you think is the biggest factor in the recent lower gas prices?

Do you think the courts should overturn the state's constitutional ban on gay marriage?

I'm not sure(2%)

Do you think the GOP-led lawsuit against President Obama will be successful?

Dating website OKCupid admits to deliberately mismatching its users to conduct an experiment. Would this cause you to stop using or not use that dating website?

Do you support legalized medical marijuana in Florida?

Did a judge rule correctly in overturning a ban on same-sex marriage in a ruling that applies to MIami-Dade County?

Not sure(12%)

How safe would you feel traveling to Israel right now?

Do you believe Tony Holloway is the right choice as the new St. Petersburg chief of police?

Do you believe Tony Holloway is the right choice as the new St. Petersburg chief of police?

Yes, Holloway has risen through the ranks and is a strong leader.(37%)
No, previous candidate Melanie Bevan, with decades of department service, would have been better.(29%)
Not sure, too early to tell.(34%)
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