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Do you agree with President Donald Trump signing executive orders to lay out a new plan for the EPA?

Warner Bros. released the 1st official trailer for "Justice League" on March 25. Are you excited to see DC Comics' premier superhero team in action on the big screen?

Do you think lawmakers will vote to approve a new health care bill on Friday?

Should be a beautiful weekend! What's your plan?

Do you believe more can be done to prevent attacks like London's terrorist attack Wednesday from happening?

Do you think President Trump's Supreme Court choice Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed?

The Florida Gators men's basketball team is in the Sweet 16. How far do you think the Gators will go?

What's been your favorite March movie so far?

Kong Skull Island(12%)
Beauty and the Beast(23%)
I don't watch movies(37%)

Do you think small amounts of marijuana should be decriminalized statewide?

Disney's new live-action "Beauty and the Beast" hits theaters this weekend. Are you excited to see this new spin on the classic 'Tale as old as time"?

Don't care.(42%)

Which Florida team do you think will make the deepest run in the NCAA basketball tournament?

What do you think about the Bucs signing DeSean Jackson?

Should Curtis Reeves be allowed to use stand your ground as a defense in the Pasco movie theater shooting case?

This week is Tampa Bay Beer Week! Are you planning on attending any beer week events?


What would you mostly like to hear President Donald Trump speak about in his address to Congress tonight?

With the 89th Academy Awards Sunday night, which film do you think will win Best Picture?

Do you plan on buying a Powerball ticket for Wednesday's drawing?

Do you believe the "Stand Your Ground" defense is appropriate for the Pasco movie theater shooting case?

Will you be tuning in to watch the Oscars this Sunday night?

What are the Oscars?(7%)

The Florida State Fair ends Monday, Feb. 20. Have you been to this year's fair?

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