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Are you traveling for Memorial Day weekend?

In the aftermath of the UK concert attack, are you concerned about attending public events at Tampa Bay-area venues and public spaces?

Do you believe former FBI Director James Comey's memo implicates President Trump in any way?

Do you believe companies are adequately prepared to deal with cyberattack threats?

Do you agree with the Pasco County schools' decision to shift start and end times for River Ridge schools because of brush fire smoke?

Do you think St. Pete voters should approve expansion of Al Lang Stadium in an attempt to attract Major League Soccer?

Which big budget blockbuster in May are you most looking forward to?

Which big budget blockbuster in May are you most looking forward to?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2(32%)
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword(8%)
Alien: Covenant(10%)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales(34%)

FWC is discussing bear management this week. Should Florida bring the black bear hunt back in 2017?

Should Facebook have already had in place a better review policy for reporting harmful content?

Should fracking be allowed or banned in Florida?

Do you agree with the use of the MOAB bomb in Afghanistan as opposed to traditional bombs or drone strikes?

Do you feel more counties should enact a burn ban during the current dry season across central Florida?

Five years from now, where would you like the Tampa Bay Rays to play?

Which of 2017's remaining superhero films are you most looking forward to seeing?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2(40%)
Wonder Woman(23%)
Spider-Man: Homecoming(8%)
Thor: Ragnarok(17%)
Justice League(12%)

After Sunday's Opening Day win against the Yankees, do you feel the Rays will be competitive this season?

Will you buy one of the new Galaxy S8 or S8-plus phones?

Warner Bros. released the 1st official trailer for "Justice League" on March 25. Are you excited to see DC Comics' premier superhero team in action on the big screen?

Yes! Can't wait!(24%)
No! It looks terrible!(13%)
Don't care - I don't go to the movies(55%)
Make Mine Marvel!(9%)

Do you think lawmakers will vote to approve a new health care bill on Friday?

Should be a beautiful weekend! What's your plan?

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