Real Time Traffic Reporter Chuck Henson guides your Garmin

By Chuck Henson, Real Time Traffic Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, March 12, 2012, 2:47 PM EDT

Every day drivers use their G.P.S. units to get to and from their destination in the Bay area and beyond.

Most units include a small library of "voices" that provide driving directions.

These voices come in many styles, accents and nationalities; even celebrity voices are available to most users.

Now, in a free download available from Bay News 9, you can take Real Time Traffic Reporter Chuck Henson with you on your commute.

The Bay area counts on Chuck every day for accurate, complete traffic information for their daily commute.

As the new voice of your Garmin G.P.S., you can count on Chuck to tell you to turn right when you're supposed to turn right and turn left when you're supposed to turn left.

Using Garmin Voice Studio, Chuck recorded more than 60 directional prompts which are strung together to create driving directions.

To Download the File:

Click here: Lead the way, Chuck!

The download is safe and free.

To install:

Connect your Garmin to the computer and open (double click) the unit icon on the screen. From the directory open the Voices Folder then drag the Bay News 9 - Chuck Henson.vmp file into the folder.

To Launch:

Once the file has been installed on your G.P.S., disconnect the unit from your computer. Select the "Language" function on your unit, then "Voice"; from that point the voices stored in your unit will display. Choose "Chuck_Henson_Garmin_GPS.vpm" and Chuck is ready to guide you to your destination.

The program can be used in anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, Florida or the country.

  • Real Time Traffic Reporter Chuck Henson provides LIVE traffic reports every weekday morning from 5 to 9 a.m. and tweets traffic information each morning @BN9Traffic.