Local artists, kids painting 'herd' of elephants to greet RNC visitors

By Melissa Eichman, Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, June 04, 2012

Second-graders at Cambridge Christian School in Tampa gave a sneak peek at the elephant they’re designing for the “Herd About Tampa Bay” community-wide art exhibit.

More than 30 students contributed to designing and painting the elephant, which they have named "Flappy."

Flappy is one of about 25 elephants to be designed and decorated by local artists. The herd of elephants will then be put on display to welcome guests to Tampa and the Republican National Convention.

Student artist Casey Ingram said it's not every day someone gets asked to paint a giant elephant.

"You feel like you’re doing something really big,” she said. “And lots of people are going to see it and you’re really excited.”

The exhibit aims to feature local artists while attracting RNC visitors to several area cities, like Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater, where elephants will be on display.

Flappy will be at the Tampa International Airport. 

The exhibit runs Aug. 10 through Sept. 3.  It's sponsored by the Outdoor Arts Foundation and the 2012 Tampa Bay Host Committee.