Hillsborough will offer some services elsewhere during RNC

By Dalia Dangerfield, Reporter
Last Updated: Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Hillsborough County Center and the Hillsborough Courthouse in downtown Tampa are shutting down for the Republican National Convention, but administrators want people to know they're still open for business.

The permitting office and more than a dozen other departments that are normally housed at the county center downtown will relocate to different places throughout Hillsborough County.

Those who normally do business don't seem to mind. Others want to steer clear of any county business during the RNC, no matter where the office is located.

Still county leaders are welcoming folks. They say they're open for business, just not business as usual.

Administrators at the Hillsborough Courthouse will also change the way business is conducted.

No trials or court appearances will be held downtown during the week of the RNC.

A special courtroom will be set up for first appearances at the Falkenberg Road Jail. There will also be satellite offices throughout Hillsborough County for other court business.

The plans were put in place about four years ago in case of a hurricane.

"We've never had the opportunity, thank goodness, to use it, and so this really gives us the opportunity to test it, to see if it works," said Hillsborough County Court Administrator Mike Bridenback.

The changes will take place between Aug. 20-31. Information on where services will be provided can be found via the links next to this story.