Protective hawk takes over Tampa school's campus

By Chris Hopper, Reporter
Last Updated: Sunday, April 07, 2013, 5:09 PM EDT

The Nova Southeastern University campus in Tampa looks like a crime scene.
That’s because high in the sky there’s a feathered friend who’s not all that happy about people walking through her territory.
Up in the trees there’s a nest that belongs to a Red-Shouldered hawk.
In that nest are her babies who she protects from anyone who may threaten her young.
"They sent out an email about a week ago warning everyone who’s on campus," said Kristen McMillen, a Nova Southeastern student. "There’s some kind of attack bird up in a tree who has had multiple incidents with people walking through the parking lot, they warned us stay clear of the roped off area when you come to campus."  
According to school officials, at least one hawk dive bombed a few students who got too close to the nest.
"Everyone’s been talking about it and looking out the windows while we’ve been sitting in class but no one’s really seen anything so far," McMillen said.
The hawks can’t get behind the wheel of a car, but they are taking up quite a bit of the campus’ parking lot. Officials had to zone off the area with caution tape to keep students safe.
Students are certainly on the lookout as they try to avoid becoming the next victim. Native birds of prey in Florida are protected. Moving the nest or harming the birds could get you some time in jail or a $500 fine.