Ghost tours given at historic Plant City high school

By Sally Mamdooh, Reporter
Last Updated: Sunday, October 05, 2014, 8:12 PM EDT

From the outside, Plant City’s old high school and community center may look like just an old building.

But inside, there's more than just history.

“Stairs crack a little bit, you may see something you really don’t hear, you may think you hear a door close," said President of East Hillsborough Historical Society, Shelby Bender. "It’s just one of these moonlight things, sometimes it goes up and things go snapping in the dark."

The odd noises heard inside the three-story now museum and community building has caused Bender to call for a ghost hunt investigation.

And that’s where Vice President of Ghost Party Haunted Tours Christina Koplenik comes in.

“If you look at it – it’s one of the biggest and creepiest buildings but it has a lot of hauntings and sightings,” said Koplenik.

To explore those sightings, she is doing a ghost party haunted tour, inviting people to join her in her investigation.

Armed with ghost meters, thermal dedicators and night vision goggles, the search begins into the first room, where there is old furniture once owned by prominent members of the community.

Right away ghost meters go off.

And then, thermal dedicators change color from the standard green to a blue and red indicating spirit activity.

With blue meaning the spirit wants to be around, that’s until it turns red.

“The red is going to mean that you guys need to back off a little bit, also pay attention to your surroundings and make sure you guys are not getting scratched,” said  Koplenik.

Koplenik says activity happening like this is usually very unlikely.

 “I can’t believe we had this spirit activity so early on in the building, usually you would have to sit for at least an hour to get a response,” said Koplenik.

The group then goes into a room where old medical equipment is stored.

That’s where they decided to speak to the spirits that have been popping on their thermals.

To do that, they must turn the lights out.

“Could you please tell us your name?”

The spirits communicated through the changing colors confirming to the group that there is indeed something in this building, something more than just old furniture and memories.

But, after a while the spirit was ready for the group to leave.

"It's red and yours just went off," said Koplenik.

Koplenik will be doing more ghost haunted tours at the historic building. To join, visit for more information.