Everyday Hero: Girls partner to help spread hope

By Bill Murphy, Everyday Hero Host
Last Updated: Monday, October 17, 2016, 6:33 AM EDT

A Tampa Bay organization started by two very young ladies (with help from their moms) is doing all it can to help as many homeless and low income families as it can with clothing, shoes, food, and most of all, hope.

  • Little Hands for Hope came from 7-year-old Zaire, 5-year-old Hailey
  • Organization founded earlier in 2016
  • Find out more: Little Hands for Hope

We begin with two beautiful little step sisters:  7-year-old Zaire and 5-year-old Hailey. With just a little help from their moms, the two girls began Little Hands for Hope.

“Little Hands for Hope is the thing that helps people,” Zaire said.       

Everyday Hero host Bill Murphy spoke with Hailey’s mom, Samantha, and Zaire’s mom, Kayla, who talked about the organization they began earlier this year.

“Our main goal was to reach as many homeless and low income families and individuals as we can and help them with the steps to become more stable,” Samantha said.

From their webpage, the mission of Little Hands for Hope, in part, says: "To provide hope to those in need by working directly with the person or persons to create an outstanding and positive outcome.”

Both Samantha and Kayla have been homeless, and have experienced life in shelters.

“Hey, we’ve been there before," said Kayla. "We understand exactly what you’re going through, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel."

Already, many families have been helped by Little Hands for Hope with clothing, shoes, food and personal hygiene items. They hope to help even more at a special community event scheduled for Nov. 5 at the First Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in St. Petersburg.

After speaking with their moms, Murphy had just one more question for the heroes.

“Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?” Murphy asked.

“Yes,” Zaire said.  “A doctor.”

Hailey, meanwhile, is still trying to figure that one out. 

She has some time, though.