Consumer Wise: Getting the hot toys for 2016

By Angie Moreschi, Consumer Wise Host
Last Updated: Thursday, November 17, 2016, 9:56 AM EST

Hatchimals promise to be the must have toy of the season.

To get your Hatchimal to hatch you have to interact with the shell, which has special touch technology. 

When you stroke and tap it the toy lights up and makes sounds, and after about a half hour of loving on your egg an adorable little creature emerges.

Toys That Rev Up

The Power Wheels Wild Thing is another hot item.  It does complete 360-degree turns and reaches speeds of up to five miles per hour.

“It’s like awesome,” 10 year old Alex Wakefield says.  “It’s new, so I don’t know anyone who has it yet.  But I know it’s gonna be like the best thing!”

It’s for children ages five and up.

Learning Toys

For kids three to six, the Code-A-Pillar is a good direction. :04

“Snap these together. They have arrows on them and the way you snap them together determines the way that it goes along on the ground,” Toys R Us manager Trace Quirk said.

It’s designed to keep kids learning and engaged.

Special Memories

We’re all looking for that one moment.

“Christmas morning when the tree is there, and they have all their presents and then, they’re--, ‘Oh my gosh, Santa came,” one parent said.

That is the best.

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