HERO: Helping foster children reach their potential

By Bill Murphy, Everyday Hero Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, November 07, 2016, 10:08 AM EST

A formerly active Marine is helping young people reach their potential.  

  • Marine Staff Sergeant Beau Blouin helping foster children in a variety of ways
  • Helped the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch in Safety Harbor build a special wall 
  • Blouin is the founder of Fit4Truth.org

The Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch in Safety Harbor is a place with a vision to develop young men and women to face the future with a sense of direction, ability and hope. 

Enter Marine Staff Sergeant Beau Blouin, the founder of Fit4Truth. 

Youth Ranch Program Director Chuck Deitch said Blouin's work has been instrumental to the group's mission.

"When Beau said how can we help, I said 'Can you help tell our story?' " Deitch said. 

Blouin came up with an idea to actually show the kids' stories in a place where a lot of people would see them. The group produced a wall at the ranch filled with art work, telling many of the children's stories. 

"The whole key for us is to allow the children to experience growth by taking action on their own," Blouin said. 

Blouin began Fit4Truth in 2014. While technically not a former foster child, Blouin said he does share a bond with the young people he works with. 

"I lived with my aunt and uncle and I wasn't with my parents for a while," Blouin said. "So I understand the unique situation of not being with your nuclear parents. 

"I know how I felt when I went through that, and I wanted to help children that are going through the same thing." 

He is currently working with 10 foster care groups, including those at the Youth Ranch, where young people are given the opportunity to enjoy outdoor adventures and workshops. 

"A lot of the children we work with in the foster care community get handed a lot of stuff and we want them to find out where their own perserverance is so they can live a life they want to live," he said.