EVERYDAY HERO: After school club teaches kids success on and off the field

By Bill Murphy, Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, December 12, 2016, 11:27 AM EST

Students in St. Petersburg are learning to become stars in the classroom and on the field. An after school program at USF St. Petersburg is teaching kids team building, attitude, respect, and self-awareness -- all on the soccer field. 

  • Students learn success in the classroom and on the soccer field 
  • After school program teaches kids team building, respect, and self-esteem

Education Doctoral student Harris Ambush helped create the program. 

"We help the children to fulfill some of their goals as far as academics and self-esteem," Ambush said. 

Currently there are six St. Petersburg elementary schools involved in the program, and every Friday two schools meet on the soccer fields. 

Students are allowed to join the after school club if they have good attendance, proper behavior, and if they can keep their grades up. 

The program helps kids have a sense of belonging, a sense of identity, and self-awareness. 

"We do that through yoga programs. We do that through anger management, self control, breathing techniques, meditation techniques, and working with the children to help them calm themselves when they need to," Ambush said. "It's just a very dynamic program that we wrote on paper and said this sounds amazing. Now that we put it in action, it's unbelievable." 

Harris says getting involved is a key no matter where you live. 

He said, "Just look at what some of the local schools need. Think about what your talents are and think about how you can match that." 

Maybe you'll find a star along with an Everyday Hero.