Consumer Wise: Box subscription services pick up steam for the holidays

By Angie Moreschi, Consumer Wise Host
Last Updated: Tuesday, December 20, 2016, 10:16 AM EST

Tracking down that perfect gift can be tough sometimes.  It starts with knowing what the person you’re buying for likes, whether it's gourmet food, Star Wars, or animals.

"I could definitely see it as a Christmas present for somebody that's... a lot of people are pet parents nowadays or... instead of children they have pets.  So I can really see it," box subscriber Heidi Marcelo-Calero said.

She's talking about Pooch Perks.  It's a box subscription service that caters to dog owners all over the country.

Tina Vidal says she works hard to make sure pooches are pampered.   Each month, the south Florida company ships a box full of goodies to subscribers including treats and a toy for your pet.

"We have guaranteed all natural, made-in-the-USA treats in all of our boxes,” Vidal said.  “We never ship anything that's not made in the U.S.A. from a food products standpoint.  And all of our toys are tested for durability, safety, and fun.”

As an added bonus, it’s not only a gift for the pet but also a gift of convenience for the owner.

"You know, it's a really convenient service.  If you’re constantly going to the pet store or the supermarket to buy toys and treats for your dogs, you don't ever have to worry about that anymore," Vidal said.

Besides pet gift boxes, there’s a wide array of other themed subscription boxes, as well.

For the nerd or geek in your life, Loot Crate offers shirts, decals, figurines and more.

For foodies, check out Bestowed.  Just $20 a month will get you a box filled with healthy treats.

And there are box subscriptions for everything from clothing, shaving razors, to even education… like Little Passports, which lets your child travel the world without ever leaving the house.

If you give the gift of a box subscription, you don’t have to worry about it auto-renewing on you.  You can purchase a set period of time and when it's done, you won't be charged again.

The possibilities are endless.  So pick a theme that suits the person you’re shopping for and click away.