Clearwater to begin sewer system testing

Last Updated: Saturday, December 24, 2016, 9:00 AM EST

Clearwater Public Utilities will begin smoke testing of wastewater sewer system lines.

Crews want to locate potential areas where groundwater might enter the system.

During testing, white smoke will circulate into sewer lines and manholes and exit from vent pipes on roofs. Officials say the smoke is non-toxic and doesn’t create a fire hazard. Smoke should not enter homes unless there is defective plumbing present.

If a problem is found on private property during testing, residents will be notified of repairs that will need to be made.

For more information, residents should call (727) 442-7196 for English or (727) 562-4960, ext. 7261 for Spanish.

Here’s a schedule of when and where testing will be conducted:

Jan. 3-6

  • Portions of central Clearwater bounded by areas of Murray Avenue, Montclair Road, Belcher Road and an area along the railroad line north of Clearwater Air Park
  • Portions of Sunset Point Road and Windsor Park

Jan. 9-13

  • Portions of central Clearwater bounded by the areas of Hercules Avenue and U.S. Highway 19, with testing points near Top of the World Golf Course and Logan Street
  • Areas north of Sunset Point and west of U.S. Highway 19

Jan. 16-27

  • Area bounded by Starcrest Drive, Drew Street, South Fernwood Avenue and Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard
  • Area bounded by Richards Avenue, south of the railroad tracks near Sherwood Street, Belcher Road and Drew Street
  • Portions of Hercules Avenue, Northeast Coachman Road and Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard