Little Free Pantry making its way into the Bay Area

By Leah Masuda, Reporter
Last Updated: Wednesday, December 28, 2016, 4:03 PM EST

Little Free Libraries have become popular around the country. It's a box where people can take a book to read and leave one for someone else. It's a way to help those who don't have the funds or means to get books of their own.

  • Little Free Pantry making its way into the Bay Area
  • The pantry allows people to take and give food when needed
  • It's a way to help people who are struggling

Now a similar movement has made its way into the Bay Area in Spring Hill, called Little Free Pantry

“There's everything in here from gravy to all different kinds of beans," said Joe Lemieux. 

The 68-year-old first heard about Little Free Pantries a few months ago. 

“And I just thought what a great idea and it's relatively simple," said Lemieux. 

So, he decided to build a box of his own and donations began to just show up. 

“Sometimes I come out here and there's a couple of boxes, and sometimes I come out half the case is empty, but it's never been empty," he said.

Lemieux said he and his wife know what it’s like to struggle and if he can help it, he wants to be part of the relief. 

“It's just a thing of trying to provide something to people when they need it," Lemieux said. 

Lemieux said it's been so personal to him, he makes sure the pantry is neat and full every day. 

“This is just one little small box with 50 cans of food and some other stuff but... come and get it, it's all free," he said. 

Lemieux just hopes the Little Free Pantries catch on, because if he had it his way, they would be on every block.