First in the US Crystal Lagoon community coming to Pasco

By Leah Masuda, Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, March 28, 2016, 6:15 AM EDT

Pasco County is on track to be first in the United States to be home to a Crystal Lagoon community.

The lagoons are basically gigantic swimming pools, surrounded by sandy beaches and, in the case of Pasco County, homes.

Metro Development Group partnered with Crystal Lagoons for the project, announced in late 2014.

The development group says the project has had a slower start because of the details regarding the lagoon and getting an Army Corps of Engineers permit.

Work began about six months ago, with clearing land and building a road on the old Epperson Ranch property. Within the next 30 days, crews will begin digging the Crystal Lagoon itself.

The gigantic pool will be up to nine feet at its deepest point, more than seven football fields in size, and will have a ultrasonic filtration system.

“It's water you can actually drink," said Metro Development Group president Greg Singleton. "It doesn't have a salty taste to it, it doesn't have a chlorinated taste to it, it doesn't burn your eyes, it's like swimming in bottled water."  

The pool will be surrounded by beaches and a community of about 2,000 single family homes.

It will also be a gated community, and the lagoon will be an amenity just for residents and their guests.

The first model homes are expected to be built by the end of summer, with the lagoon coming next year.

The total project will cost over $100 million.

The development group plans to build two more "Crystal Lagoons" communities in the Tampa Bay Area -- another in Pasco and one in Hillsborough -- as well as one in Fort Myers, Florida.