USF researchers win award for innovative software suite

By Katie Jones, Reporter
Last Updated: Thursday, July 07, 2016, 6:30 AM EDT

Researchers from the University of South Florida are getting international attention for an invention aimed at improving education and communication between professors and students.

  • "My Reviewers" being utilized in nine courses at USF
  • Software allows teachers to easily review student work, provide feedback

“My Reviewers" is an online suite of teaching, reviewing and writing assessment tools. Using cloud-based storage, users can quickly and easily review student work and provide feedback.

Professor Joe Moxley, who leads the team behind "My Reviewers," came up with the concept while he was a student. The hope was to clear away confusion and improve communication.

"[Students are] generally confused about the feedback they receive, because the instructors are grading tons of papers, and they don't feel like they're getting the attention that they needed," graduate student and researcher Natalie Kass said.

"In the past, there were problems because you didn't necessarily know what the teacher meant," said Moxley. "Maybe you couldn't read the teacher's handwriting or you lost the paper, whereas now, there's a record."

“My Reviewers” is being used in nine courses at USF and at different colleges across the country including, MIT and Dartmouth. The software just won an international award from Campus Technology Magazine.

"Having a stored record of all the feedback and really getting a chance to analyze what you can improve on helps you to become a better writer," Moxley said.

The researchers will head to Boston to accept their award in August. They hope to keep introducing the software to different campuses across the world.