Weather Blog: December recap, January preview

By Josh Linker, Bay News 9 Meteorologist
Last Updated: Monday, January 02, 2017, 9:40 AM EST

December is the first month of meteorological winter. But, this December didn’t exactly feel like it. Warm Decembers aren’t that unusual though as December 2015 was even warmer than 2016’s version.

December can have some rainfall, but usually that would occur with the passage of cold fronts.

Since we didn’t see too many of those, rainfall for the month was lacking.

Here is a look at the numbers from December:


Average Temperature 70.1 (7.0 degrees above average)

Rainfall 0.43 (2.04 inches below average)


Average Temperature 70.2 (7.1 degrees above average)

Rainfall 1.03 (1.57 inches below average)


Average Temperature 69.3 (5.8 degrees above average)

Rainfall 1.25 (1.28 inches below average)

St Petersburg

Average Temperature 69.5 (5.4 degrees above average)

Rainfall 0.28 (2.47 inches below average)

Now as we move into January, and we continue winter, cold fronts should arrive with more frequency.

As Arctic air builds in Canada and the northern United States, we can sometimes get a pretty decent cold snap.

Typically January doesn’t see much of a change in average temperature from the 1st to the 31st and rainfall also is relatively low.


High 70, Low 52 on the 1st to 71 and 53 on the 31st. Average rainfall in January is 2.23 inches


High 72, Low 50 on the 1st to 73 and 51 on the 31st. Average rainfall in January is 2.64 inches


High 71, Low 52 on the 1st to 72 and 52 on the 31st. Average rainfall in January is 2.49 inches

St Petersburg

High 70, Low 54 on the 1st to 70 and 55 on the 31st. Average rainfall in January is 2.57 inches