Everyday Hero: She uses pain of family’s past to help others

By Bill Murphy, Everyday Hero Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, January 09, 2017, 8:32 AM EST

"I Hate My Life" is the title of her book, taken from words spoken by her then-teenage son.

  • Linda Mobley's son, Samuel, serving time for drug conviction
  • Mobley wrote 'I Hate My Life' to tell Samuel's story
  • Both Mobley and her son are victims of domestic violence

Now 30 years old, Linda Mobley's son is completing a term in prison on a drug conviction.

“My spirit was in pain all the time. I never laughed or had fun like the other kids and I had no one to play with. I couldn’t understand why life was so hard for me,” Mobley imagines Samuel, her son, saying.

The book is his story, told by Mobley, an author, speaker and anti-domestic violence advocate.

“It’s about my son and the life he had and all the unpleasant things that happened to him verbally and physically,” Mobley said.

Both she and her son were victims of domestic violence at the hand of Samuel’s father, no longer in the picture.

Mobley’s book is for others facing the same terror.

“I wanted to prevent other families from going through this,” she said. “I believe children should be happy and safe at home.”

Speaking to groups throughout the Tampa Bay area, Mobley shares three words of advice.

“I certainly let them know how damaging it is. It’s so awful. It’s the worst thing you ever want to experience in life. It gets worse. Do not stay,” Mobley said.

With the hope that Samuel’s approaching release from prison will mark the beginning of a happy new life, Mobley feels this story is a way for him to be heard.

“For him to have a voice, finally, is a good thing,” Mobley said.  “It can help a lot of people, especially a lot of children who may be going through this very same thing.”