HERO: Fighting pediatric cancer with lemonade sales

By Bill Murphy, Everyday Hero host
Last Updated: Monday, October 16, 2017

A Pinellas County real estate firm has been selling more than houses the past few years.

It's hard to miss the lemonade stand at Martha Thorn's Belleair Bluffs real estate office. 

Pediatric cancer foundation fundraisers during the past three years have raised $33,000. 

"We're able to set up a website on the pediatric cancer foundation's website with our name on it," said Martha Thorn. "And so people that can't attend will go in and donate on the website." 

Several years ago, friends of Thorn's lost a young daughter to brain cancer, prompting her involvement.

I got involved with the foundation about 10 years ago when some friends invited me to attend the foundation's fashion show," Thorn said. "I was so overwhelmed by the courage of these children. 

"It just touched my heart." 

Thorn's most recent lemonade event raised a little more than $16,000.

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