Popular Homosassa restaurant reopens after 6-year rebuild

By Kim Leoffler, Reporter
Last Updated: Wednesday, November 01, 2017, 6:13 AM EDT

A popular Citrus County restaurant that burned down a little over six years ago is serving customers once again.


It's been a long road to recovery for Marguerita Grill in Homosassa, but both the workers and customers are overjoyed to see it up and running again.

"I'm very excited. My dreams have come true," owner Tommy Piliouras said.

His original restaurant burned down in 2011. That fire was ruled accidental.

In the years that followed, Piliouras had to go through several contractors during the construction process.

Finally, he was able to nail down a partner to help finalize everything and get the new building up and running.

"There was time I give up. But then I see all the community is with me and I promised them I would make this place #1 in the state," Piliouras said.

While they are still working out a few kinks and training some new workers, Piliouras hopes to be fully up and running soon.

Many of the old regulars, however, were eager to check out the new space. They were excited for the new experiences ahead.

"I kept waiting for it to open because we had such a good time when we were here before, and I couldn't wait for it to get open again," Robert Ross said.

One of the main focal points in the new restaurant is an American flag made up of materials from the old building that burned down

"Important to remind people that we live in a county that it makes no difference your race, color of your skin, education -- you work hard and you make it," Piliouras said. "It's like reviving the old Marguerita Grill."