EVERYDAY HERO: ROCK ministry reaches out to Polk County youth

By Bill Murphy, Everyday Hero
Last Updated: Monday, October 09, 2017, 1:51 PM EDT

Reaching out to children to keep them on the right path -- that's the goal of two Polk County residents.

Darrell and Carman Davis have been opening the doors to their church for years, touching the lives of thousands of kids and families.

Their ministry in Lakeland is called R.O.C.K., which stands for Reaching Our City's Kids.

"It's a very comfortable setting for the kids and the adults that come down, and we just share the good news with the kids and try to teach them there’s a better way," said Darnell Davis.

As part of their church, the Harvest Assembly of God, they have led the outreach ministry for the last 11 years.

Darrell and Carman Davis have been opening the doors to their church for years.

"We say that we're taking church to the community because a lot of parents won't bring the kids to church," Carman Davis said.

"Most of the kids are from broken homes," Darrell Davis said. "They don't have a mom and dad at home. Some have been in jail. But mostly they're just inner city kids that need love."

They meet in city parks on Saturdays and Sundays, dropping off leaflets in the days before so people will know where to find them. The kids have become family for the couple, including one beautiful little girl who is Darrell's Godchild.

And it's more than church in the park on weekends with get-togethers and activities year round.

"Our church is very involved," Carman Davis said. "Through our church, we support over 120 missionaries, foreign and domestic missionaries. So we are interested in reaching the people in reaching the people in our backyard and people around the world."