Central Florida Aerospace Academy students take to skies

By Kim Leoffler, Reporter
Last Updated: Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 5:00 PM EST

Dozens of freshmen students from the Central Florida Aerospace Academy hit the skies for the first time this week.

  • Women make up about 5 percent of aviation industry
  • Central Florida Aerospace Academy has more male students
  • Saraphim Hall dreaming about the skies

It's an annual tradition for all of the new students. But one thing that hasn't changed throughout the years is the small number of female students in the program compared with men. It is a pattern throughout the school that teaches all aspects of the aviation industry.

Saraphim Hall is one of the few women in the group.

"It's a great opportunity, and there are very few females at the school," said Hall, a freshman.

There are very few women in the aviation industry as a whole. According to Women in Aviation International, women make up just more than 5 percent of the entire aviation industry.

Hall said all that matters is a passion for flying.

"It feels like you're flying when you can't usually, and clouds are really pretty to look at," she said.

Hall even has a pretty unusual goal.

"I think being able to get my pilot's license before my driver's license, I think that's pretty cool," Hall said.

Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland hosted the students for the unique opportunity.