Jury recommends life in prison for Adam Matos

By Cait McVey and Digital Media Staff, Reporter
Last Updated: Tuesday, November 21, 2017, 3:21 PM EST

A Pasco County jury on Tuesday recommended a life sentence for Adam Matos, the 32-year-old man convicted last week of four murders in 2014.

Jurors could not reach a unanimous decision on the death penalty, which was required by Florida law for that sentence to be issued.

Matos was found guilty on four counts of first-degree murder last week after a trial that lasted just longer than a week. Jurors ruled he killed former girlfriend Megan Brown; her new boyfriend, Nicholas Leonard; and Brown's parents, Greg and Margaret, in late August 2014 in Hudson.

The judge in the case could have overturned a death penalty decision but cannot overturn a life sentence decision.

The jury voted 2-10 on three of the first-degree murder counts. Jurors voted 1-11 on the final count — that count involved Margaret Brown. She was attacked by Matos with a hammer in a garage.

The judge released jurors at about 3 p.m. Family members then began reading victim impact statements.

Jurors heard emotional testimony Monday from witnesses on both sides. Among the witnesses that took the stand for the defense was Rose Matos and Pete DeJesus, Adam Matos' mother and brother. 

Rose Matos described what she called her son's rough childhood growing up in Pennsylvania. 

"I love my son no matter what," Rose Matos said on the stand. "I am hurt. Just like any parent would feel hurt."

Adam Matos remained emotionless watching his family members testify.

On the stand last week, Matos admitted to the killings but described a scene of self-defense. He also admitted to moving the four bodies into nearby woods.