EVERYDAY HERO: Granting wishes to people with life-threatening illnesses

By Bill Murphy, Everyday Hero Host
Last Updated: Monday, November 06, 2017, 4:00 PM EST

When a close friend was diagnosed with cancer, Lisa Frick wanted to fulfill her friend's fondest wish -- to swim with dolphins.

Frick has now made granting wishes a part of her life -- a small gesture with major rewards.

Everyday Hero host Bill Murphy met Frick in her Sarasota home and learned about the many friends who have come into her life since she created "Infinite Wishes."

It all began when Joan, Frick's life-long best friend in New Jersey, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She knew Joan's fondest wish was to someday swim with the dolphins, and Frick decided she was going to make that wish come true.

"I was able to contact Discovery Cove and I arranged for Joan to come here," Frick said. "She swam in the water and swam with the dolphins and came out of that experience and said to me it was the best day of her life."

A short time after that, Joan died. A few months later Frick lost her mom, who died in an automobile accident.

Although grieving, Frick granted another wish and found it was doing this that kept her going.

And so, almost three years ago in Joan's honor, she created the non-profit Infinite Wishes with the mission to improve the lives of adults suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

Along with financial support, the foundation welcomes vehicle, time share, gift card and airline miles donations.

Since then, her foundation has granted wishes to several people. Infinite Wishes is all volunteer and is funded by community and corporate support, fund raisers and grants.

"It is so rewarding because we know we can't cure it. We can't fix it," Frick said. "We just make it a little better for a short period of time."

Along with financial support, the foundation welcomes vehicle, time share, gift card and airline miles donations, all going to make these wishes a reality.

Because of size and budget, the foundation is currently limited to granting wishes to people in Florida and New Jersey.

"We may not be a national organization and we may not have tons of money, but we always say we do small things in a big way," Frick said.