Pasco deputies probe 'counterfeit drivers license organization'

By Leah Masuda, Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, March 13, 2017, 4:58 PM EDT

Two people are in custody in what Pasco County authorities are calling a "large-scale counterfeit drivers license organization."

  • Pasco deputies probing counterfeit drivers license operation
  • Investigators say customers could be in at least 13 states
  • Deputies said organization used YouTube, KiK, to advertise

Investigators said Angelica Blanco, 23, and Michael Morales, 23, had been running a fake ID business since 2014. According to Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco, the two used multiple social media tools such as YouTube, Instagram, and KiK, among others, to reach potential customers.

Officials said the investigation is multi-jurisdictional. Blanco and Morales reportedly would pay others to sell their products for $135 apiece to customers in at least 13 states.

The two were reportedly printing the fake IDs out of Morales's Port Richey home. The IDs were also sold outside the U.S.

“We know they sent information and cards to Japan, Canada and Nigeria, and we know Nigeria has criminal enterprises, terrorists links,” said Sheriff Nocco. “Another thing that is concerning is that [Morales has] been selling social security cards and mailing them down to Mexico. We also know the individuals were communicating with Saudi Arabia, UAE."

Thus far investigators have proof the two laundered around $20,000. Homeland Security is also involved in the investigation.  

Blanco and Morales each face charges including racketeering, money laundering, counterfeiting drivers licenses, and possession of marijuana.