Pence received support, protests during FL visit for health care bill

Last Updated: Sunday, March 19, 2017, 9:27 AM EDT

This week the House is set to vote on the GOP health care bill.

  • Pence tries to drum up support for health care bill in Florida
  • Many in favor and against new plan
  • House to vote on bill this week

It’s unclear if republican leaders have enough votes to pass the bill. So, Vice President Mike Pence visited Jacksonville Saturday to drum up support of the new health care plan.

Both supporters and opponents of the plan made their voices heard during Pence’s visit.

“We’re going to give states the option of block grants of Medicaid to the states, so states like Florida can innovate and design Medicaid around the unique needs of the people in the community. And we’re going to allow states like Florida to include a work requirement for able bodied adults ensuring that Medicaid’s benefits are available for those who need them most,” Pence said.

Those in favor of the plan said Obamacare broke its promises and it’s collapsing under the cost.

“I want this, I want this for my kids and my grandkids, what I had, not what we have now,” said Trump supporter Karen Olson.

Those opposed said they just don’t trust the Trump administration.

“I think that Mike Pence is just an extension of Trump. If Trump is a liar, and he is, than by association that makes Pence a liar. So, we’re going to resist anybody that supports Trump and that includes Mike Pence,” said Michael Perlmutter, who opposes Trump.

Pence said each day more members of congress are getting on board with the new bill.

However, many health care professionals said capping Medicaid funding, in block grants, would instead hurt access to quality health care for the poor, children, and elderly, by cutting the amount of federal dollars available.