Traffic stop ends in seizure of drugs, cash and a truck

Last Updated: Thursday, March 09, 2017, 11:28 AM EST

Citrus County deputies conducted a traffic stop early Wednesday morning that ended in the seizure of drugs, cash, a gun and a truck. 

  • Dodge Ram stopped for speeding, driver arrested 
  • Deputies found meth, heroin, pot, pills inside truck
  • Driver identified as Daniel Purvis, 36

Deputies stopped a Dodge Ram on US Hwy 41 for speeding just before 4 a.m., Wednesday. Deputies said the driver, Daniel Glenn Purvis, 36, was aggravated and not being very cooperative. 

Purvis was asked to exit his truck after K9 Repo alerted deputies to the odor of drugs, deputies stated. Purvis first refused to step out of this truck, but eventually cooperated. 

Inside the truck, deputies stated they found 163.2 grams of meth, .8 grams of heroin, 14 grams of marijuana, and several pills. 

Deputies also seized Purvis' Dodge Ram, a shot gun, and $4,816 in cash. 

Purvis was arrested on charges including several counts of possession of a controlled substance, trafficking and resisting arrest.