Pasco homeless shelter celebrates 1st year of helping others

By Leah Masuda, Reporter
Last Updated: Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A homeless shelter in Pasco County is celebrating its first year helping those in need. It’s the only shelter in the east part of the county.

  • Pasco homeless shelter celebrates 1st year of helping others
  • A Helping Rock helps people with education, job/financial skills, sobriety
  • For one man, the shelter was like a safe haven when he needed it most

Just about a year ago Daniel Martin found himself in a situation he never expected.

“I went through a devastating divorce, and with that the loss of a job,” said Martin.

Martin had nowhere to go.

“I didn’t have means to sustain myself at that particular time, I would have been in the woods sleeping,” said Martin.

Luckily, he found A Helping Rock--a shelter that opened right at the time he needed it.

The shelter helps people with education, job and financial skills, and sobriety.

“When we know that they’re ready then we do a warm handoff, try to connect them with the Samaritan project so they can get a first month’s security deposit,” said Director of A Helping Rock, Eddy Reyes. “Then get them reintegrated into society in a positive way and a way they don’t have to come back.” 

Martin only stayed six months before he was able to get back on his feet.

“They assisted me with establishing a budget, a livable budget, and I created a nice size savings, and I was able to find a place right here in Zephyrhills,” said Martin.

Martin also found a job and still spends time at the shelter volunteering.

A Helping Rock allows for singles and some families to stay at the shelter for up to a year.