Tampa students return from NYC after Carnegie Hall performance

By Erin Maloney, Reporter
Last Updated: Thursday, April 20, 2017, 8:18 AM EDT

Gaither High School’s wind ensemble got the honor of a lifetime this week--a chance to play at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

  • Tampa students return from NYC after Carnegie Hall performance 
  • Gaither High School's wind ensemble performed on iconic stage

The students just returned home from the performance.

“It’s like the Madison Square Garden of concert halls. It’s historic,” said Director of Bands Luis Alvarez.

The school learned of the honor last year. They spent the next year raising money to get there and practicing for hours on end.

“Most people watch a show like Glee and think we put music in front of the students and it automatically sounds great, and everyone’s just having fun. But it’s so detailed and nitpicky. There are hours and hours of practice,” said Alvarez.

And the practice is well worth it, according to senior Theresa DeVita.

“Just being able to perform on a stage like that and being able to say for the rest of my life, ‘I performed at Carnegie Hall,’ there’s no equal to that,” DeVita said.

(Photo courtesy: Luis Alvarez)

The once-in-a-lifetime performance meant balancing school work with the extra practice it took to rise to the level of Carnegie Hall. It was taxing, but it also taught the ensemble an important lesson.

“With hard work will come those things in life you want. Nothing in life comes easy. If you want something, you’re going to have to work hard for it,” said senior Gabriel Molano.