Largo golf course offering golf bikes

By Angie Angers, Reporter
Last Updated: Sunday, April 23, 2017, 4:25 PM EDT

Golf is known as a traditional sport, and one that's been well-loved for centuries.

  • Golf course offering golf bikes
  • Adds cardio to the sport
  • Bikes can hold 12 clubs and other gear

Players usually strap their bags onto a golf cart or carry them through 18 holes, sometimes with the help of a caddy. But, Largo Golf Course is mixing it up, giving golfers another way to get around using bicycles.

The pro shop has had four golf bikes inside for about two months. Employee Gordon Gundle says they've been taken out a few dozen times. With six speeds and spots for 12 clubs and your gear on the back of the bike, it's picking up in popularity.

"A lot of people really enjoy it, especially those who are a little bit healthier," Gundle said. "They're like 'Oh I got exercise today and I got to golf so it's been good'".

Avid golfer Gary Burkett says its certainly a workout, but a challenge he's enjoying.

"It's been good! It's good exercise and it's good on the legs, I mean my legs are feeling it now, but I would do it again," he said while standing by the 9th green on Sunday.

For the Largo Golf Course, it's just about mixing it up, and adding some cardio to a sport based on practice and precision.

"We're trying to make it fun and interactive and something new!" Grundle said. "Golf is very traditional, and we're trying to up it one better and make it something new and exciting."

The golf bikes are just $2 more than the price to walk the Largo Golf Course.