Family desperate to find missing Citrus County woman

By Kim Leoffler, Reporter
Last Updated: Sunday, June 11, 2017, 7:21 PM EDT

Law enforcement officials and volunteers entered day three of the search for a missing Citrus County woman.

  • Carol McHugh, 72, is missing
  • Law enforcement entered Day 3 of the search
  • Family asks that everyone keep looking  

Units have been searching on land, water, and in the air for any trace of 72-year-old Carol McHugh. Her family has been there every step of the way, helping in the search however they can.

Carol was last seen Thursday afternoon on Regency Row in Inverness. Since then law enforcement and volunteers have been scouring the area for any sign of where she might have gone.

"I just don't understand how my mom could be just vanished when she went for a walk," said Colleen McHugh, Carol’s daughter.

Carol has dementia which Sheriff Mike Prendergast said makes the search a bit more difficult.

Neighbors say Carol is well liked and often joins them for her evening walks.

"You think that everything that happens that you read about is just out there and then you realize that it's happened in your own neighborhood and it just makes this whole situation seem very surrealistic,” Joy Kobos said.

Today, Prendergast said his deputies and volunteers have been retracing their steps making sure they have not missed any clues. They have expanded the search area and have now covered nearly fifteen thousand miles throughout the county.

"We don't know what we don't know until we go out and we continue with what we've been doing. And we've got every asset we can fully deploy out there to try and find her," Prendergast said.

Dozens of people have been in the neighborhood where Carol lives over the past few days helping look for her. Her family said they just ask that everyone keep looking.

"I just pray to God that somebody is out there helping her right now and can call the police department as soon as possible," Colleen said.

The Sheriff's Office said even what may seem like an insignificant piece of information could bring them that much closer to bringing carol home.

If you see Carol or have any information about where she could be, call 911 immediately.