3 young suspects caught after Hernando burglary

By Kim Leoffler, Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, June 19, 2017, 4:50 PM EDT

An all-day manhunt in Hernando County led investigators to three burglary suspects.

They turned out to be 16, 15 and 12 years old.

  • Three juveniles caught after hours-long search
  • Incident left Hibiscus Springs neighborhood rattled
  • Nothing was taken from pawn shop

The incident caused residents to be on alert most of the day.

"It was different. I woke up to an exciting morning," said Nixie Sanseverino. "Police did pull up in front of my house, and I did ask them what was going on, and they said that they were just looking for someone."

The Sheriff's Office said the culprits broke into the Gold-N-Pawnd shop on Mariner Boulevard about 4 a.m. Monday.

They took off when the alarm went off. Deputies spotted them, but the group left their car on the Suncoast Parkway and ran into the Hibiscus Springs neighborhood.

A helicopter and K-9 were also utilized in the search.

"I couldn't figure out what was going on until later on in the morning when we found out," said resident Jim Sannuto.

Nothing was taken from the pawn shop. The search was called off for a fourth person.

Names of the culprits weren't released because of their ages.