New Gandy Boulevard overpass opens to westbound drivers

By Timothy Wronka, Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, June 19, 2017, 6:02 PM EDT

There is some relief for drivers on Gandy Boulevard.

The new overpass in St. Petersburg is now open to westbound drivers. Commuters have been battling construction there for quite some time.

Many residents say the area has been a mess during the last three-plus years that construction has been happening. Businesses have had their share of problems as well.

"It's madness", said Brian Popp. "Not only for me but for customers coming to my place of business," said Popp. 

Eventually the $83 million project will give three lanes in each direction between Interstate 275 to Martin Luther King Street, and then two lanes to 4th Street.

"When it's finished, it will be great for the people who want to make a beeline to the overside of the water," said St. Pete resident Renee Kiker.

The eastbound lanes of the Gandy overpass are scheduled to open next month.