Everyday Hero: Couple writes song tribute to law enforcement officers

By Bill Murphy, Everyday Hero Host
Last Updated: Monday, July 24, 2017, 5:48 AM EDT

Everyday Hero host Bill Murphy met Bobby and Valerie Palermo at their Tarpon Springs home.

Many people know him as Florida’s Neil Diamond.

For years he toured with his Neil Diamond tribute show.

Bobby’s career has taken him from Vegas to Valrico and many other stops around the world.

Today, Bobby has a new song he’s written with Val; a song, dedicated in large part to cops and that means family.

“My dad worked in Staten Island when he was a brand new cop in Staten Island,” Bobby Palermo said.  “And then we moved to providence and he worked for B.C.I., Bureau of Criminal Investigation.”

News stories about police officers being assassinated in American cities moved Bobby and Val to write their tribute titled You Are Heroes Thru and Thru.

“Honest to God, I think we turned the tv off and said this is ridiculous. Where’s the law and order?  Where’s the… why aren’t we honoring these people,“ Palermo said.

A Vietnam vet, Bobby hopes to find a distributor for the song and will donate part of the proceeds to families of fallen police officers and those in the military.