Everyday Hero: Cancer survivor finds new ways to heal community

By Bill Murphy, Everyday Hero Host
Last Updated: Monday, July 31, 2017, 6:33 AM EDT

Many who know her will tell you Angel Schmidt is well named.  Most of her waking moments are spent doing for others.

  • Everyday Hero: Cancer survivor finds new ways to heal community
  • Angel Schmidt spends most of her waking moments doing for others
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When she was diagnosed with cancer and underwent that long and painful battle she made a promise.

“When I was going through my treatment I had told, in my times of praying, I prayed that get me through this, I have four kids to raise, and I will do whatever I can for anybody,” Schmidt said.

A battle won.

Angel is a cancer survivor. And she’s been keeping that promise for years

Her home is her own personal Amazon.com with boxes and containers here there and everywhere packed with items she’s either made, collected from volunteers in her timber oaks neighborhood or bought.

Some of her time is devoted to an organization that sends shoeboxes full of items to underprivileged children... all going to kids locally, around the country and the world.

One of Angel’s grandchildren was born with a rare disease that required he have a bone marrow transplant.

With no medical insurance Angel was on the front line raising money to meet the high cost. And she reached out on Facebook.

A woman she had never met bid and won an auction of an autographed poem by Linda Ellis with the proceeds going to Angel’s grandson’s medical bills.

Years later that woman moved to Angel’s neighborhood and by chance they discovered each other.

Her name is Laurie. They are now best friends she is the one who first told us about Angel.

And Angel’s grandson is doing fine.

For Angel there is no slowing down.

She does for her children; the children of the world.

And these words to all who would someday like to get involved somewhere,

“I would just like people to know that whatever you do, whatever you’re capable of doing to please just do it,” Schmidt said.