Everyday Hero: Woman brings youth to seniors through dance

By Bill Murphy, Everyday Hero Host
Last Updated: Monday, August 07, 2017, 7:49 AM EDT

The day Everyday Hero host Bill Murphy met 62 year old Shelia Cash-Carter McFadden she was keeping things ”in line”.  That’s what she, a wife, a mom, and retired postal worker does.

Shelia is founder of The Line Dance Connection.

“When I retired I got tired of sitting home because I worked all my life and I wanted to do something and I decided to do something for seniors,” McFadden said.

And while some of the senior are in their 40’s the age range quickly goes up to near 80.

Two hour classes at the All People’s Life Center in Tampa are just $5 and all are welcome.

And McFadden is the first to admit she is addicted.

“It’s a lot of fun,” McFadden said.  “They say I eat, sleep, and drink line dancing.”

An open-heart surgery survivor, for McFadden and these ladies this is what the doctor ordered.

“The more I dance the better I feel and the same with the other ladies.  They’ll say my knees hurt but by the time we get through a dance nothing hurts,” McFadden said.

And some of the dancers tour the country in competitions and performances.

“Have you ever met a student who couldn’t be taught to dance,” Murphy said.

McFadden replied, “Never.”

That’s when Murphy present her with a challenge:  to teach him how to dance.

With the patience and support of McFaddem and the gals they almost got him to look like he knows what he’s doing.