IRMA: In Polk County, businesses and residents still coping

By Rick Elmhorst, Reporter
Last Updated: Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 6:48 PM EDT

A day after hurricane Irma hit Polk County, the recovery was well under way.

But many people were still dealing with serious issues.

Along New Tampa Highway in West Lakeland, there was still some flooding. The Tiki Boutique and Jack's Insure, both owned by Christine Mansell, were still located in a temporary lake.

Assistant manager Scott Palmer was making his way to the buildings in a four-wheel drive truck. Phone service was still down.

"We just need our Internet up. Getting claims filed," he said.

Mansell was not going to try to have her customers come to the boutique. "I don't let customers just wade in, so it will be some restoration and some clean up," she said.

Mansell said the businesses are located next to a swamp area and it may take a week for the water to recede all the way.

About a mile down the road, the Meadowbrook Mobile Home Park was drying out. On Monday, all the streets and homes were flooded.

Tuesday, the streets were pretty much dry and residents were cleaning up debris and the insides of their homes.

Lakeland Electric was reporting major progress in getting tens of thousands of customers back online.