Community reacts to the burning of Lee Elementary School

Last Updated: Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 5:23 AM EDT

People say the students and staff were extremely proud of their Lee Elementary School of Technology/World Studies; some of the employees even came rushing to the scene when they heard about the fire.

On Tuesday, the Tampa school at 305 East Columbus Drive was caught on fire, but for many, it was more than just a building ablaze.

And they say it is very difficult knowing they will not ever come back here for school.

"I got so many calls from my co-workers telling me my school was on fire and I had to come and see I had to come see for myself and it's very devastating," said Rochelle Hayes, who worked at the school.

Hayes watched with tears streaming down her face as firefighters worked to put out a massive fire at Robert E. Lee Elementary, but according to fire officials, flames were shooting out the roof when they arrived and there was never any chance of saving the historic building.

"I loved this school, I've been here going on three years so it's hard right now," said Hayes.

Tampa Fire Rescue stated the fire marshal is investigating what may have caused the fire, but stated that based on what they heard from witnesses, there is a good chance the fire could have been started when power was restored in the area.

"When the light went on, that's when the fire started," said witness Ivan Echevarria.

School officials are working to find a new location to hold classes when school starts back up on Monday and they say the goal is to keep everyone together, one small consolation for Hayes.

"When I came here it was open arms, the teachers, the students, everybody is just wonderful," Hayes reflected.

And officials with Hillsborough County Public Schools say they will notify parents sometime Wednesday or Thursday to let them know where classes will be held on Monday.