Food for Florida program starts in Citrus County

By Kim Leoffler, Reporter
Last Updated: Saturday, September 30, 2017, 3:17 PM EDT

The Food for Florida program has been extended into Citrus County.

  • Food program starts in Citrus County
  • Helps families who lost food during Hurricane Irma
  • Registration center set up in Lecanto

It's a way for people who have losses from Hurricane Irma to get some financial help to feed their families.

Family after family filed into to the College of Central Florida in Lecanto to get much needed help

Emmy Broadhurst came into register with her two young kids, emotions still running high as they work to recover from the storm.

"I've been at the bottom before and to have to kind of relive that is hard," Broadhurst said.

While they didn't have any property damage, they had to throw out a lot of food when the power went out.

"With the two kids it's hard they're growing and they eat all the time," Broadhurst said. So yeah it's just been really a world wind."

Through the Food for Florida program people who show they have had some sort of loss from the hurricane can get an EBT card for food purchases.

People who already receive food assistance from the state are not eligible.

It's much needed relief for Daniele Bulgart who also lost power in her home and had to throw out many of their newly-bought groceries.

"We stocked the freezer with a lot of frozen two liters to try keep it cold but it was just gone for so long it didn't really help," Bulgart said.

Luckily she didn't have any damage to her home. But, she too has two young kids and is grateful for the helping hand to get them back on their feet.

"This really helps a lot. It's awesome," Bulgart said.

Workers at the registration center say they had about 100 people come in during the first few hours it opened. They expect about 20,000 people to register in Citrus County over the next five days.

"The fact that the state is doing this is so helpful and so grateful so I cant begin to express my gratitude for this," Broadhurst said.

The registration center in Lecanto will be open until Wednesday. There's also a registration center set up at the Seminole Recreation Center in Pinellas County, which will be open until Monday.

If you are interested in the program, you are encouraged to pre-register on the Food for Florida website. However, you still have to go to one of the centers in-person to complete your regestration.