VIDEO: 1st calf born at this year's Florida State Fair

Last Updated: Friday, February 09, 2018, 5:51 PM EST

"Discover the Fun."

That's the theme of this year’s Florida State Fair, open at the fairgrounds through February 19.

So come along on the fact finding tour.

It starts at the heart of the fair—agriculture. In the Mooternity Ward, not only did we witness the birth of the fair’s first calf, but we got to name a newborn baby goat after our very own Erica Riggins. To top all that off, we topped off our coffee with fresh cow’s milk.

That cow’s name – Sally — is not only a milking cow, she’s a teaching cow too! Connie Boger, the mother all things Mooternity, urges children to come and milk Sally and learn about where our food comes from.

"Milk doesn't come from Publix," said Boger.

There is new fair food to explore. Poutine is on the menu, but with an American addition of pork or ground beef.

Because, well, “’Murica!”

WATCH: Spectrum Bay News 9's Virginia Johnson caught a special moment the morning of the fair opening. A baby cow was born! And she caught the moment on video. Check out the miracle of life. 

There are several kinds of foods wrapped in bacon, a catfish sundae, a chicken and waffle pizza and a waffle cone filled with a complete meal—beans, brisket or pork, cole slaw and BBQ Sauce. That one is called the Cowboy Cone.

We ourselves dug into a Banana Frenkle Funnel Cake—it’s got bananas in the cake mix, some kind of crazy custardy pudding on top of the fried funnel cake, banana slices on top of the crazy custardy pudding and powdered sugar on top of all of that.
Wait—there’s also a choice of chocolate or caramel sauce.

Go ahead - eat it.

We've gotten reports about caloric intake while at the fair.

"There's no calories in the food for the Florida State Fair for the next 12 Days.  Eat, enjoy and worry about that on Day 13," Terri Longphee, the Fair's Director of Sales.

*This claim has not been verified.

What we have verified is that camels are cool — especially the camel we got to ride. His name is Chester. He’s nearly nine feet tall and is 15-years-old. He performs with some of his other camel cohorts under the Big Top – the fair’s circus.

Serge Coronas Jr., who led us on our comfortable journey between the humps, says people's reactions differ.

"Some giggly, some petrified, but at the end, they’re all happy," he said.

The next ride is a mechanical one and the fair’s pride and joy — the Midway Sky Eye.

It’s the largest traveling big wheel in North America and stands 155 high.

So that's our tour.

Our stomachs hurt a little (bring some antacids to power through), our feet are a little sore (wear good walking shoes) and we are going back to visit Erica (our new best baby goat friend).

Check out some Florida fair fun from Bay News 9's Virginia Johnson!