Orlando radio host uncovers kids' 'How to kill your teacher' video

By John W. Davis, Reporter
Last Updated: Wednesday, January 21, 2015, 10:37 PM EST

An Orlando radio show host is credited with alerting Canadian Police about a Youtube video titled, “How to Kill Your Teacher.”

The six-minute video featured two young boys holding toy guns and discussing various ways to kill a teacher.

Real Radio’s Shawn Wasson said he decided to do something about the online posting that some may have brushed off as a childish joke.

Wasson found the video while doing show topic research on Monday.

The search was initially intended to find videos related to a creative writing assignment some middle students in Maryland received about how they would kill their teacher.

But after a brief video search, Wasson found something that if unchecked would not allow him to sleep at night.

“When somebody does something terrible, whether that’s a school shooting or any other kind of violent crime, you can look back at their history on social media and you can see all of these signs that something was about to happen and you wonder at that point, why didn’t somebody say something?” explained Wasson, Host of The News Junkie.

Investigators tracked the boys down Wednesday afternoon to the Castlegar area in British Columbia, which is between Vancouver and Calgary.

They spoke to the 11 and 13-year-old boys, who told them the inappropriate video was intended to be a joke.

“The best case scenario is we teach a kid a lesson about how to handle themself when you’re leaving history behind online. And on the other side, perhaps prevent something that could be terrible,” Wasson said.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police said due to the age of the boys, no charges will be filed.

However, school officials are working with law enforcement to conduct a violence-risk assessment to determine what sort of action will be taken at the boys’ school.