Florida Blue brings 300 new jobs to Seminole County

By Jeff Allen , Reporter
Last Updated: Thursday, July 28, 2016, 8:00 PM EDT

Hundreds of new jobs are opening up in Seminole County as Florida Blue triples employment at its Lake Mary operation center.  The company officially announced the new jobs Thursday morning at its new contact center off International Parkway.

  • Florida Blue will be bringing 300 jobs to Seminole County
  • 200 of the positions will be full-time with benefits
  • The company is hoping to fill the positions by the end of Sept.

Robert Hahn began his new job with Florida Blue on Monday.  It's an opportunity he says he couldn't pass up.

"I just jumped at it, it was very exciting for me to see, because there weren't a lot of Florida Blue opportunities here previously," said Hahn.

Florida Blue just announced it will be adding 300 jobs.  A hundred of those will be temporary contract jobs, but the rest are permanent, full-time openings for service advocates that will help answer about 30,000 calls a day.

"Most of our customers don't generally call and say, 'Hi, love you, and thank you,’” said Sherri Mikell, with Florida Blue.  “Most of the time they call with a problem, a concern. They were just diagnosed with a condition or their loved one, and they need help, and that's what we do."

The dozens of empty offices at Florida Blue won't stay empty for long. The company plans on filling the positions by the end of September.

Hahn says he's happy to have a job with benefits.  It will help him take better care of his wife and two daughters.

"My previous job was a contract job,” he said, "and I did not have benefits, so it was a struggle to you know, use the affordable care act to get insurance for me and my family.”

You can apply for one of the new jobs at Florida Blue here by visiting www.FloridaBlue.com/careers