CES 2017: New Lego product designed to teach coding

By Adam Balkin, NY1
Last Updated: Thursday, January 05, 2017, 5:46 PM EST

Playing with Lego blocks can teach people creativity, dexterity, maybe a little bit of architecture.

  • Lego says Lego Boost teaches coding to kids
  • Uses app with existing Lego block kits
  • Kids can control creations with app
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But Lego Boost — a just-announced Lego product being shown at CES 2017 — is designed to teach computer coding.

How exactly does it work?

"It will teach younger kids how to code... to build behavior and make Lego products come alive," Lego Group's Christian Munk said.

With Lego Boost, you can use the Legos scattered around your house that you're stepping on, hurting your feet in the middle of the night.

What does the app do?

"They would get another purpose than hurting your feet," Munk said. "We have some hardware components... with the creative tool box in the box. This is basically the technology that also gets the coding and makes the whole thing work. You can build that into whatever Lego creation you also have at home," he said.

"This is simple drag-and-drop coding, (but) where the kids can basically tinker with it," Munk said. "They can try it and see, 'OK, I want it to go ahead,' or 'OK, that's actually not what I wanted it to do.' "

The regular retail price is $159.99. 

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