PolitiFact: Has President Trump fulfilled his promise to increase the number of ICE agents?

Last Updated: Thursday, March 09, 2017, 8:17 AM EST

As part of PolitiFact Florida's ongoing fact-checking activities, they've made a pledge to employ the same style of check to President Trump as they did to President Obama, namely, an update on campaign pledges made to voters.

This check of a President Trump claim centers around the ongoing immigration debate.  During the campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump made this pledge:

"We will triple the number of ICE agents."

PolitiFact reporter Allison Graves says that Trump's promise rates IN THE WORKS on the Trump-O-Meter.

"Shortly after his January 20th inauguration, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to take all appropriate actions to increase the number of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency) agents by around 10,000 officers," said Graves.  "Currently, ICE has about 5,800 deportation officers, so with Trump's executive order to add 10,000, he'll be very well close to meeting his goal of tripling the number of ICE agents."

So if that's the case, why is this still a work in progress?  "Here's what needs to come next... the agents have to actually be hired, and they need to be guaranteed a paycheck," said Graves.  "President Trump hasn't done those things yet, so even though he's signed the order, those agents aren't boots on the ground at this time.  When they are, PolitiFact will revisit this pledge and update accordingly."

The promise has been acted upon, but is not complete, which leads to a rating of IN THE WORKS on PolitiFact's Trump-O-Meter.


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