Back To School: Homework Help

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Last Updated: Monday, July 26, 2010

Homework is a regular part of school, and you can help your child do it well. Teachers give homework for many good reasons—to practice and review class lessons, to get students ready for the next lessons, to teach them how to work on their own, and to teach them to use dictionaries, encyclopedias, libraries, and the Internet.

1. Set up a regular time and a quiet place for your child to work. Try to place it away from TVs, radios, or other loud noise.
2. Have your child get all of the materials needed for the work—pens, pencils, erasers, calculator, paper, books, and highlighters—all in one spot instead of searching for things.
3. Make a homework calendar. During the school day, have your child fill in all homework by the date that it is due. Many teachers have their classes do this anyway, and you can help your child plan assigned homework time.
4. If your child is having trouble with homework, talk to each teacher about the homework—it may be too hard, or there may be other problems in the classroom. The school may be able to offer tutoring or extra help.
5. Ask your child for any teacher comments on homework assignments.
6. If your child misses school, have a friend or classmate get homework assignments.
7. Remember, neatness does count. Don't let your child eat or drink while doing homework.
8. Suggest that your child do homework, then take a short break (snack, play outside, or watch some TV), then go back and recheck the work. It's easier to catch simple mistakes with fresh eyes.

Source: Florida Department of Education