Streamline back to school mornings

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Last Updated: Monday, July 26, 2010

With everyone's hectic schedule these days, it's a wonder anybody can stay organized. Well, Mrs. FIXIT has some hints to keep you on track and to streamline your back-to-school mornings.

1. Load a sturdy plastic accordion file with paperwork that you need on the go. Envelopes, stamps, pen, paper, mail, your kids schedules and important phone numbers. You can easily bring the file in and out of the car to sort, unload and reload, it's sturdy so it will stand up to a lot of wear and tear and it will free your car and counters of paper clutter.

2. Keep a plastic bin or laundry basket by the back door and let the family members know that this is the family travel tote! Everything that they need for the next day that doesn't go in their school bags gets put in the tote before bedtime. From dance clothes to soccer socks you won't have to run around in the morning looking for those things. Little ones? Stash some extra diapers and wipes as well as juice boxes and snacks. In the morning, you'll have to load one tote rather than ten bags!

3. Make sure that you equip your car with a garbage can of some sort to control messes on the go, try an old vinyl lunch bag it's the perfect size and you can secure the strap to a back seat so the bag doesn't fly around!

4. Take an hour on Sunday and pull together the kids school clothes for the week. From shirts to socks- find, iron and lay them out. This way you'll know if there's anything that needs to be washed and there's no yelling - mom, dad I can't find any socks!

5. Have a place near the door to keep backpacks, shoes, boots, coats, and hats, whatever everyone needs. This way when you're trying to get out the door in the morning and everyone's rushing around you don't have people looking for their stuff! You should also keep your keys and bag or briefcase in the same space. Remember kids learn what they see!

6. Every night, while you're making dinner, pack the kid's lunches or put lunch money in their backpack another way to cut out of the morning chaos.

7. You can also take the downtime in cooking to sort papers from school, fill out permission slips or check homework.

8. After the kids are in bed, take ten to twenty minutes or so and walk around picking up clutter, this way when you get up in the morning you won't be starting your day by walking into a big mess and it will make your day alot calmer!