This Day in Central Florida History for week of April 10

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Last Updated: Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10, 1991

Health workers discovered the Asian Tiger Mosquito in parts of Central Florida.

They worried that the insect's arrival would mean another encephalitis outbreak for the Sunshine State.

More than 200 people were infected with the virus the previous year, with 10 deaths blamed on the illness.

As a result, the mosquito's eer move was monitored, especially in Lake and Volusia counties.

That epidemic was responsible for 10 deaths.

April 11, 1970

NASA made its third attempt to land on the moon, but Apollo 13 only made it into orbit.

There were a series of problems starting five minutes into launch.

The mission was aborted after a service module oxygen tank ruptured.

However, the Apollo 13 mission was classed as a "successful failure" because NASA was able to rescue the crew.

The whole ordeal was later a blockbuster movie.

April 12, 1981

The space shuttle Columbia was launched for the first time from Cape Canaveral.

Columbia was the world's first reusable spacecraft.

This experimental mission tested all the aspects of the shuttle system and was deemed a success.

The system would be used from then on for manned space missions.

Tragically, Columbia would ultimately break up in the skies in February of 2003, killing all seven on board.

April 13, 1986

The Orlando City Council approved a deal outlining a new arena in the downtown area.

They planned to spend $35 million to build the 14,000 to 17,000-seat sports and entertainment complex.

Construction began in 1987 and the arena officially opened two years later.

It later was renamed the TD Waterhouse Centre...and then the Amway Arena in late 2006.

And that's a look at This Day In Central Florida History

April 14, 1941

Orlando's new post office building was dedicated.

It took a little more than a year to build the facility on the corner of Magnolia and Jefferson streets.

The staff moved into the new building on April 28.

The old office was built in 1917 on the southwest corner of East Central Avenue and Court Street.

April 15, 1843

Orlando's first documented financial transaction takes place.

The deed shows a transfer of more than $7,000 for the purchase of 37 slaves.

The slave population was never large in the Central Florida area, but this recorded deed did prove that at least some slave trade existed.


April 16, 1972

Apollo 16 launched with local resident John Young on board.

It was Young's first and only trip to the lunar surface.

While there, he conducted performance tests with the lunar rover, at one time getting up to a top speed of 11 miles per hour, which still stands in the Guinness Book of Records as the record speed for any wheeled vehicle on the Moon.

Young and two other astronauts would return to Earth more than a week later on April 27.