Indian weddings booming in Tampa Bay area

By Trevor Pettiford, Reporter
Last Updated: Friday, April 25, 2014, 8:42 AM EDT

While the International Indian Film Awards mean a big boost for local businesses, one industry is expecting to see some long-lasting effects.

Event organizers say Indian weddings are on the rise in Tampa Bay, and the numbers are only expected to go up after this weekend.

Weddings are big business, but a traditional Christian wedding pales in comparison to an Indian wedding, which can involve an entire weekend and hundreds of people.

According to wedding planner Tracie Domino, more of those weddings may soon be happening here in the Bay area.

"I've been planning Indian weddings for years and I see it's about a third of my business on an annual basis, and I think it's going to increase," she said.

Domino said the IIFA awards in Tampa will likely bring a lot more business her way.

"The way I would look at it, is think if the biggest Hollywood stars that you knew were hanging out in hotel ballrooms and restaurants that you would want to go to," she said. "Now suddenly you get to have your wedding where the biggest people in your movies were hanging out. It's the same thing."

Those Bollywood stars are all over the Bay area right now, leaving an impression Domino hopes is long-lasting.

"What it's going to create, we think, is an after glow which is going to showcase Tampa similar to what other major events had," Domino said, referring to Super Bowls and the Republican National Convention.

Domino said that of the 20 weddings she plans a year, about six of them are Indian weddings. If things go as expected, next year it could be half of her business.