New TV show set in Palmetto filmed primarily in New Orleans

By Angie Angers, Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, June 05, 2017, 6:09 PM EDT

Palmetto is a sleepy city with small town charm. Soon, however, it will be in the national spotlight, or rather, a version of it made for TV.

  • TNT series "Claws" set in Palmetto
  • Series primarily filmed in New Orleans
  • Palmetto mayor not happy with how city is portrayed

TNT's latest original series, "Claws," is set to premiere on June 11. The series is built around a fictional nail salon in Palmetto.

The trailer for the show hints that it has a little bit of everything -- crime, comedy, and a high-profile cast including Niecy Nash.
Residents tuning in to the show hoping to spot locations they recognize may find that task difficult, however. The parts of the show shot in town were shot entirely on private property. A few scenes were shot in Sarasota, but most of the show was filmed in New Orleans.
Resident Christina Vuong manages Natural Nails, one of Palmetto's nail salons. She says her clients have been chatting about it, and she's on board.
"It's a small town, for us to have some kind of show like that, it's excitement!" said Vuong. "Anything that goes on in Palmetto is exciting."
But the anticipation is not trickling down to Palmetto City Hall. Mayor Shirley Groover Bryant says the vibe shown in the previews is not characteristic of Palmetto.
"I just don't want those aspersions cast on all of our businesses and our service industry here in Palmetto, that's my concern," Groover Bryant explained.