What's in Orlando International Airport's lost and found?

By Margaret Kavanagh, Reporter
Last Updated: Tuesday, April 09, 2013, 12:43 PM EDT

A trip to the airport can be stressful. Checking bags, watching the children, and making sure you catch the flight all add to the stress.

Then in the course of getting to your flight, you leave something behind.

The Lost and Found office at the Orlando International Airport has been getting hundreds of additional items turned in because of Spring Break.

A massive stuffed animal, a keyboard, a fishing rod and several laptops are still on the shelves in the office.

But wait -- that’s not the strangest item that has been turned in recently.

“We got a kayak turned into the lost and found," said Patricia Sarria, supervisor of OIA's Lost and Found. "It was so big it couldn’t fit in there.”

She said on an average day they have about 2,500 items, but last month they had a record of 4,000.

“Because of the spring break. We had a high volume of items turned in,” Sarria said.

Abigail McTaggart stopped by the Lost and Found office last week in hopes of finding her new sweater she lost. 

“I just suddenly realized that I’d gotten off the plane with it - then I didn’t have it,” McTaggart said. “I'm a bit upset because my dad might kill me for it.”

Airport leaders said sunglasses and keys are some of the more common items turned in, but they are seeing more and more iPhones left behind.

Every day of the month has a bin in the office. People call and stop by daily, asking about their lost items.

“We are going through the Internet, going through the White Pages, we do anything we can to try and find the owner of those items,” Sarria said.

But if they don’t -- after 30 days they’re donated or auctioned off to a place in Zellwood called George Gideon Auctioneers.  Employees at the auctioneer said every few months the items are auctioned off through their website.

You can reach the OIA Lost and Found office through its website.